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Thanks for being part of Eat Drink Love Ponsonby 2024, our annual restaurant festival is growing each year. Your venues participation, offers and events are what make it undeniably Ponsonby.



Please complete the form sections below that apply to your venue. These details are used with your photos to create your offer page. Your photos are supplied to us by the photographer. We’ll send you a link to check everything before going live. Customers visit the site to browse and compare venues, offers and events – so make yours look and sound so good they’ll want to lick their screens!


Customers can’t make bookings on the Eat Drink Love Ponsonby website. They use the contact details and booking method that you provide. It’s a good idea if your offer or event is also visible on your website and social media.



​​We’re here to help make Eat Drink Love Ponsonby 2024 an unforgettable experience. Please email Viv with any questions or to request a call back.

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